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I believe Kansas families deserve leaders who are capable of implementing positive change...leaders who understand the unique character of our communities, the strength of our citizens, and the importance of our children's future.

During challenging times, state government needs experienced leadership rooted in conservative values that can make a difference for our communities. I pledge to continue to be a voice for the people I represent and not special interest groups. Putting the people of my district first has always been my top priority."

--Rep. Peggy Mast

What I'm Hearing From You
The debate over the budget and tax policy in 2015 is a difficult one, with a wide variety of opinions about the direction we should take. Here is an example of the emails I've received from constituents:

“I have not heard much about discussion on closing the unexpected loophole for taxpayers with regard to the LLC type businesses. I don't believe the legislature intentionally created this large loss of revenue for the state. I believe we should vote to close the loophole. I know I will be adversely affected by this move. Businesses moved from a regular corporation to this, as any red blooded American, to save money. I do understand that those that have taken advantage of this will not be happy, but should not complain too much!!! You have to do what is right for Kansas, and leave behind finger pointing, which accomplishes nothing for the common good.

‘Sin taxes’ may be hard to pass, and may not raise a great deal of revenue. If we needed that revenue, I guess it would be OK!

Changing the law with regard to selling of liquor in grocery stores is counterproductive, in that it will just run small business owners out of business and shift tax from them to the grocery stores, and NOT raising any new revenue. (Special interests) Just because other states have done this is NOT good logic. Leave it alone!

I find it unfortunate that some legislators use finger pointing, like the Democrats pointing to the Republicans , the house vs the senate, visa versa, leadership, "they" caused the problem OR within each party. Let’s get busy and do what you can to solve the problems of Kansas. Bickering does not move Kansas forward to create a better business and living environment!

The legislature HAS passed some good legislation!”

I very much appreciate your input and encourage you to e-mail me with your thoughts!

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